How it all began

For my first post I wanted to bring you to the start of my whisky journey:

Like most of us that started drinking the the early 2000’s, whisky was introduced to us via Jack and coke, lucky for me that did not last too long. When traveling back from Asia and Australia my stop over was always the Hong Kong airport. Back in those days you could pick up premium bottles for at or under $100USD duty free. At this time there was no whisky boom or crazy 2nd hand pricing so overall a good time to be a whisky lover.

Since I was very new to the world of whiskies and my regular whisky drink was a jack and coke, I had no clue on what was good whisky or bad, what a single malt was or even the difference between a Speyside and a Islay. Lucky for me my Father always asked me to buy him a bottle of Johnnie walker blue and it changed my mind forever. This bottle, if you were a business person in Asia was the go to, These were all given out as gifts at Christmas time or birthdays and at $100 that was “High End”. With Jake Daniels being my point of reference Johnnie Blue was so smooth, easy drinking and the flavors were so unique and different I could never go back.

After the years I tried the other bottles in the Johnnie Walker lineup with the King George V being the top of my list (Retail was like $300ish at the time). After sometime I tried some other whiskies like the Glenfiddich 12, Macallan 12 and so on but I always went back to the Blue.

After a few years, love and work moved me to the US and that’s when the collection you see today came about. I started with the Japanese whiskies first: Habiki 12, Yamazaki 12 and the Hakushu 12, once those started getting hard to find I found a passion for Rye whiskies. I know that’s weird but that rye spice was so unique I needed to study why. So for science, I tried more whiskies and then 10 bottles became 30, then 100, then now 200 bottles and counting.

With my new found love for everything whisky I first started posting bottles on my personal Instagram page just to remind me what I have when I am in the shops looking for new whiskies, then when people started liking them and commenting I knew I was up to something fun. My wife came up with the name (A story for another time) and now i’ve leveled up and now have a website/blog.

As this is a journey, things will work and things will fall flat, but please comment and let me know what you think. This is not just my journey but a journey for all of us as a Whisky Tribe/Community.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement,

Drinking Caveman

2 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. JC says:

    I’m a whisky fan too. I probably have about 20-25 bottles. I’m already running out of space and seem to. It have enough time to drink. Horrible. Also, I feel I’m too frugal to be buying bottles to just keep in the closet. Help me Caveman. Tell me to buy more.

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    • drinkingcaveman says:

      Hi JC, Sadly I am in the same boat. The best advice I can give someone that’s starting to get into collecting and tasting whiskey, is to try and find your own palate. Try new drams at the local bar or whiskey room this will save you money AND also help you at identifying what you do and do not like about whiskey.
      Also try to see if their are any whiskey clubs around your OR look on Instagram to see if anyone is willing to swap samples.
      Good luck on your whiskey journey and please keep me updated on your adventures.


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