Whiskey Room 2017

If you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed a few changes to my Backdrop for photos, or my set for the @WhiskeyUntitled.


Step one remove all bottles from the existing shelf

Since being unable to drink for a few weeks due to a cold, I decided to reorganize my #Whiskey room a little bit. After looking at other posts and stalking @whiskeyforums IG page, I finalized on what my overall  concept was for my room. (PS. Thank you to my wife for helping me out with all this)

IMG_5168 2

Multnomah Whiskey Library 2017

My overall concept was Old School Whiskey Lounge with a twist. The room would have to tackle multiple roles but overall be unified.

The Room would have to do the following:

  • House all my bottles not just whiskey
  • Serve as a backdrop to the Whiskey Untitled Show
  • Seat 2-3 People for entertaining
  • Take great Instagram shots
  • Make a statement

With such a small room and only two viable walls, I flipped my room around from where it was and got to work. First was the shelving system, I got a few quotes from local woodworking places but for what they were asking for it was just a bit too much, plus iIwould have to cut down on my whiskey spending and if you know me that wont happen LOL.

IMG_0518.JPGSo with a family trip to Ikea I went on the hunt, and after going between show room to show room I found the perfect match the Fjallbo series, extra bonus they were $99 each. I first Purchased two, with the idea of having one for American whiskey and another for Scotch and Japanese whisky, sadly after setting them up it looked like I needed another, so a quick trip back and now we have three shelves as you see in the photos below.


Here is the finished product, three Fjallbo shelves side by side. With the shelving system out of the way and the organizational part all done it was time for the WOW factor.


During my research one thing was common, all the bars wanted to show off what bottles they had, and to do that they used lighting. So on a quick trip to Costco I was lucky enough to find some christmas LEDs for around $40. This lighting would one show off my bottles and two give a good backdrop to the Whisky Untitled. So a quick reorganization of my bottles and wiring it all up, I present to you the finished product:


Gotta love the color that the lights give off when its behind Whiskey


A Shot of my current #Balvenie up

Overall I think it went really well, a total of $340 for the shelves and the lighting which was way cheaper then the custom shelves. Feedback from IG has been a great success and with the first taping with the new background for the Whiskey untitled it looked great.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any suggestions please feel free to share.

As always feel free to reach out to me on my social media and try and drop in every Tuesday at 5:30PM PST // 8:30PM EST on the live chat on the Whiskey Untitled


Drinking Caveman



I would like to thank my wife and mother-in-law for all the help, without their guidance this would have taken even longer.


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