Review: Michter’s Barrel Strength Toasted Barrel Finish Rye

Today we have a bottle of Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finished Rye, Released in September 2017 with proofs ranging from 107 to 111.8 (Michter’s Website). Michter’s uses their US*1 Straight Rye at barrel strength and then age it in a second toasted barrel, that has been air dried for 24 months then toasted.

I’ve been really excited for this release all year, I am a big fan of the US*1 Straight Rye Barrel strength. So much of a fan in fact that I had to get my bottle from the UK and pay a premium since it just skipped my state.

21B65A2B-C4F6-4F18-A90D-FB4E9ABADBC0Now on to the tasting notes:

Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finished Rye

  • (Barrel: 17C620)
  • 106.2 Proof

Nose:A very pleasant nose, welcoming not harsh. Sweet toasted barrel smoke, Like walking into a warm cozy log cabin and sitting into your favorite leather chair.

Rye Dill Spice, Toasted Brown Sugar

Taste/Palate: On first taste it drys your mouth to reveal some pipe tobacco flavor then greets you with some toasted brown sugar with an overall toasted/smoked oak.

Dry with Pipe Tobacco. Deep rich brown sugar. Toasted barrel char/smoke

Finish: after the smoke from the palate, it moves to some rye spices tingling in the back of your mouth, with some smoked tobacco and then lingers off with some dark rich chocolate. This finish lingers and waits for you to take another sip which it knows you will.

Rye Spices, Tobacco, Toasted barrel, Dark rich chocolate. over all a medium to long finish

Michters ToasteVerdict: For my palate this ticks almost every box. First off its barrel strength, which if you follow my Instagram @DrinkingCaveman you will know I am a big fan of. If you are not into the high proof game yet, its not over powering on the nose which is great for new comers, BUT if you are not a rye fan this might be a pass. Sadly the dryness that I get in the mid palate dropped it a point for me, the mid palate is what I loved about the regular barrel strength rye and I really wished it was in the toasted. I am assuming this dryness/tannic was due to the toasted barrel. What made me really enjoy this dram was the finish, after the rye spice right in the back of my cheeks, it lead me to a wonderful finish. For me the finish had 3 parts the smooth caramel/brown sugar beginning, the nice toasted wood almost cabin fire/campfire smoke, and then ending with some dark rich chocolate and almost a bit nutty at the end. Out of the three parts it is the finish that kept me coming back for more.

Overall I give this a 4/5 if you are a fan of Barrel Proof Rye then this is a must buy, if you are not a Rye lover this sadly will not convert you due to the high proof and spice, BUT if you are adventurous enough and are willing to get into the High Poof game then give it a try.

Drinking Caveman

I would like to thank @glassofwhiskey86 and @Scotch.for.everyone for the samples used for this review. 







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