Review: BlackBack Honey Rye

IMG_6274When getting into the American Whiskey game, you always hear of the big names like Buffalo Trace, MGP and Wild Turkey, but if you dig a little deeper you will find an amazing and thriving craft distillery scene. I was lucky to stumble upon @hoochmamadistiller ‘s instagram account when they did an episode of the bourbon daily and the things they are doing is amazing. The one bottle that peeked my interest was the BlackBack Honey Rye. I am a sucker for anything Honey and with having bad experiences in the past with Honey whiskies I just hoped this was the one.

If you have been under a rock, here is a little info on the distillery. Silverback Distillery is a “Grain to Glass” distillery located in Afton, Virginia. They currently produce Bourbon, Whiskey, Gin and Vodka.

Silverback Distillery also partners with local Virginia farmers for all of their Rye, Winter Wheat, White cord and malted barley grains. for more info click the link Silverback

Now onto the tasting notes:

Blackback Honey Rye

  • Batch:6D
  • 70 proof
  • Honey liqueur infused Rye

Nose: At the front of the beehive, it greets you with the all familiar smell of rye dill and a hint of oak, then it sits you down and offers you some tea to make you comfortable then when you think it might be a bit too bitter the gracious hosts hands you a jar of raw honey to sweeten up the pot.

Rye Dill, Oak, Tea leaves and in the back raw honey

Taste/Palate: On your first sip you are greeted with a medium sweet honey straight from the hive. Then it moves on to some rye spices that tingle your cheeks, trying to get you to smile with joy, because you just remembered that this is actually alcohol, and not some honey beverage.

Raw natural Honey (Honey forward), Rye spice, No oak or wood. 

Finish: The honey lingers into the finish with a splash of rye spice and then moves to chewed wood flavor. This was something I have never found in a whiskey and that was chewed wood from like a pencil you chewed on in School. For me this was a flavor that pulled me back in time and reminded me of staring at a special someone.(Sorry got personal there by hey that’s what happens) 

Sweet Raw Honey lingers, Fades to rye spice then wood (Like when you chewed on a pencil in HS). 

IMG-6238.jpgVerdict: For me this is an easy buy, hence I bought a bottle, even when I was given a sample from @Hoochmamadistiller Christine R. herself. If you are looking for a “Flavoured Rye”, this would be a great addition to any collection that wants something unique. With my friends that dropped by this is a bottle that everyone guessed what it was and they always asked if this was truly alcoholic. The honey just hits home for me, it is present in every step of the way and never becomes overpowering or too sweet for my palate.

Overall I give this a 4.5/5 for flavored whiskies. I am a big fan of rye spice and honey (Yes, I put honey on my bagels) and if you add those together, this should always be the end result. A perfect blend of my two favorites. If I had to change anything, it would be to add a bit more of that rye spice in the Palate and Finish. If the finish was a little bit longer, and that wood and rye spice justed hanged in there a little longer this would be an easy 5/5.

Drinking Caveman






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