Review: Westward American Single Malt Whiskey

758C15BF-2BB3-4F8C-A2D9-493DF05FE608In this day an age it is a great time to be a whiskey drinker. The choices you have are endless, craft distilleries are popping up everywhere now, and lucky for me there was one just a stones through away. House Spirits Distillery is located in down town Portland,OR they currently produce and sell four brands Casa Magdalena Rum, Volstead Vodka, Krogstad Festlig Aquavit and Westward Whiskey.


This whiskey has been on my list to review for months now. Personal and IG friends have been reaching out to see if they are really worth the $89.95 price tag. So since they were just a hop and a skip away, I decided to take a tour of the distillery and try Westward Whiskey right next to the still that created it.

Now on to the tasting notes:

Westward American Single Malt

  • 90 proof
  • 2 row-barley
  • fermented with american ale yeast

Nose: You are welcomed home with a banana cake baking in the oven with a hint of nuts and malted ale. Overall a warm and relaxing nose not harsh but very interesting.

Nutty with a side of malt, Banana

Taste/Palate: The nose did not lie, the first sip tasted like a fresh baked banana bread with some caramel sweetness and a hint of vanilla.

Banana Bread, Vanilla and Caramel

Finish: When the vanilla and caramel fades it turns into some charred oak and a sweetmalt finish. Overall a very enjoyable finish not too long and not too short.

Charred Oak and sweet malt


Verdict: The uniqueness of this dram hits your right from the start. The Ale yeast adds a malt flavor that you usually get in beer, but fits right in with this american whiskey. For me it was the palate that won me over, I’ve had nutty nosed whiskies before but i’ve never had a dram that tasted like banana bread.

Overall I would give this dram a 3.8/5 it had almost everything I look for in a dram. The nose was solid and did not lie, BUT was not as complexed as I would have liked. The palate was solid, it lingered and had a great mouth feel. It was the finish that let me down a little, no real spice just a medium bodied finish with some charr and that unique sweet malt. Now the question that people have been waiting for, is it worth the $89.95 price tag? Sadly with most premium bottles being at the same price range I just cannot recommend this bottle for the current price. Now if your into the notes above and the $89.95 price tag does not scare you off then this is the bottle for you. Its a solid dram with no real draw backs and the unique flavor is a must try but for me its the price tag that really makes it hard for me to recommend.

Drinking Caveman

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